Tuesday, March 14, 2017

August 9, 2016

The end of our mission.  Oh My.  It really came.  Such mixed emotions of course.  As we talked to the kids one last time Monday morning, we were truly excited to be able to see them!  That is the greatest part of going home.  After yesterday at the church......that is the hardest part of going home!  But it is how it all works!  We had to go to the bank and run a few errands to finish everything up.  We packed and made sure we had room for all the wonderful things that the people gave us....as well as the things we wanted to bring home!  We are so very blessed!  Many messages of love were sent to us!  Such a blessing to have been on our mission in Sri Lanka.  Steve always says....if we would have known what it was like to serve in Sri Lanka, we would have put that down as our preference on our mission papers!  We left it blank, knowing that God would take us where we needed to be.  AND HE DID OF COURSE!  We have been blessed beyond measure.  We had visits from people here and there.  The elders came over with Deek, Shashrika and Kavishka.  Steve gave away many of his things to them.  We were able to get everything done!  There was a problem with Sheramy and her leaving on her mission.  Apparently, the ticket never got booked.  Oh my.  It was a scramble.  So instead of her being on our flight, they got her on a flight a few hours later.  That was tough on the family.  So after we got packed and ready to go, the Hendriksens stopped by with cookies!  Then we made a stop on the way to the airport....first to Darshinis house!  We wanted to say good bye one more time to them.  The kids did not tell their mom so she was surprised.  We all cried all over again but we were so glad we were able to do that!  We then stopped at Shanikas house.  They were upset...as was Sheramy.  They wanted a blessing.  So Steve gave Sheramy and Shanika a blessing.  By the time we left, I think they felt better.  We will miss them....but hopefully will get to run into Sheramy every once in awhile in Salt Lake on her mission!  We then pulled up to the airport....and as we got out of the car...about 20 people jumped out and surprised us with balloons and lots of love!  Oh how we will miss them.  And oh how we love them!  More pictures and goodbyes and tears!  Another great experience we had was that we asked Kumar to give us our last ride to the airport. He spent most of our last two weeks taking us around to visit the branch members.  It was great to be with him.  As we got near to the airport, he began talking to us.  He said his heart was racing.  He then said in all of his years of driving a taxi and meeting many people, he has never met anyone like Steve....and the members.   He said that he knew that if Jesus was on the earth today, he would personally thank us for all the wonderful work we have done in Sri Lanka.  And he thanked us for helping him and his family. Then we were off!  I can't believe it.  We did it.  We really did it!  And we did it together and it was the best experience ever.  We have been blessed beyond words and we are so very grateful for the wonderful things we were able to be a part of.  God loves his children.  Every one of them.  Such a blessing for us!  The flight was 26 hours....just in flying time!  We flew to Singapore, then to Tokyo and then to LA.  Our luggage made it there as we had to recheck everything again.  But we found out Delta airlines had a meltdown in their computers so the flights were all delayed or not running at all.  Ours was delayed but we made it to Salt Lake in barely enough time to make the flight to St George.  We landed at 11:00 at night of the same day that we left!  There was Curt and Erin and little Jack, and Mom and Dad.  Even Kent Walker brought one of the Scheiss twins with him!  We made it!   Except one of our luggage pieces did not!  WE ARE HOME!  Dad was so excited to pick us up and brought the Suburban so all of our luggage would fit.  We drove them home and then headed to our home!  Dutchmans had the sign up for us....Welcome home Elder and Sister Condie!  Curt and Erin had also done a sign on the garage door!  So so sweet!  Love the A/C and carpet at the house!  Can't wait to see the kids as they all come on Wednesday!  We are so blessed!!!!  Can't quit saying that...because it is so so true!
The elders and Shashrika, Kavishka and Deek enjoying Steve's secret box!

Burger King on our last day in Sri Lanka!!

I will miss Sherine so so much!  Love her!

Surprise to Darshini as we were heading to the airport!!

Sheramy...see you in Salt Lake!  Love this family!

Surprise at the airport!

Love me some Frank!

John, Frank and Harsha

Primali...the best lady ever!  Love her!

Photo bomb from the President!!

So sad that this was taken from me.  Made it all the way to Tokyo

We are coming home!

LA airport

Elder from St George is coming back from New Zealand


Curt and Erin and Jack.....Kent and Tristan.

Meeting Jack for the first time!

Steve meeting Jack for the first time too!