Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016

1 year out!  Can you believe it?  It has gone by pretty fast for the most part!  (the week in the hospital was pretty slow)!  Great week!  We talked to the kids on Monday morning and had an appointment in the afternoon.  But the appointment cancelled!  So we ran some errands and splurged at Burger King for dinner!  We also had a lady call up John from our branch, wanting someone to come south to give her son a blessing.  She and her 3 grown children were on vacation at Unawatuna beach and their son got very ill...and was not getting any better.  They were members and had come all the way from Sweden......yes...they knew Jim and Tammy of course!  The oldest girl also served a mission with a son of some friends from Flowell, Utah!  Crazy!!  We were trying to figure out how to get down there....but decided to bring the elders for our district meeting (we would hold it in the car as we travelled)!  It is such a beautiful drive and we made it down there in just over 2 hours.  They were staying in a nice hotel but their 24 year old son had Pneumonia they think and was getting worse.  It was really great to visit with the family and give the blessing to their son.  Their mom was pretty emotional.  It was really sweet!  We were so happy that we were able to go down there.  She treated us to breakfast out on the beach as her son slept!  We were not there very long but really enjoyed the visit!  We made it home in the early afternoon which was really nice!  We were having a birthday party (over due) for Cass and Deek!  We asked them where they wanted to eat and they said they wanted to go out, but didn't care where!  So we surprised them!  We sent a driver to pick them up and bring them back to the CONDIE CAFE!  We made a great dinner and had a really great time with their family!    We sure love them!  Wednesday was Shanika's birthday!  We met her and her family at the Cinnamon Grand for dinner at her favorite place authentic Sri Lankan buffet.  We had a great time with them...enjoying food, presents and cake!  As we were leaving, we went back into the lobby and Sheramy saw a famous singer from Sri Lanka.  She is a journalist, so she walked right up to him with Joel and talked to him....even getting a picture!  He gave her his card and said she could interview him!  So fun for her!  Taught a lot of piano classes on Thursday!  So many of them are doing so well!!  We had our English class and it turned out good too!  Friday was more piano classes and a birthday party for Sister Pooja!  She is such a sweet, lonely lady.  She is doing better since Akash is now serving in Sri Lanka and she can see him each Sunday!  That has helped.  So we went to her new home to see her and have a party!  We bought McDonalds dinner for her and Risanya!  We had chocolate cake with chocolate frosting too!  She was so happy!  It was great to be with her!  Saturday, we went to the Western Cultural Center to see the IPM talent contest!  Claim to Fame 3!  Brother Namal and Sister Visaka brought us in and gave us VIP seating!  It was really nice!  We saw the instrumentalist group and the solo dance group!  We even voted!  It was a big deal!  We stayed about 2 1/2 hours but left early!  We met Bernard Pang (our Hong Kong auditor friend) at the Cinnamon Grand and had dinner at TAO!  We all had a wonderful steak and veges!  It was a fun night visiting with him.  We were getting ideas of where to go when we go to Hong Kong next week!  Oh yea....we are off to Hong Kong at the end of the week!  We need to renew our visa and they decided to send us there!  I hope we get to see some of the sights and go to the temple!  I am really excited about this!  Sunday began early as we got to be with Richard at his baptism!  It was really great!  He has surprised us all!  He had done so many bad and wrong things....and has totally changed his life around because of the gospel!  It was a wonderful baptism!  Then today in sacrament meeting, I had 2 of my piano students accompany the opening and closing song.  Sonali did the opening song and nailed it!  Then Hansani did the closing song....had it memorized and played right through!  They both were fabulous and I was so proud!  Hope to get more of them doing the same thing!  The older people are more nervous about it!  Too funny!  I helped teach Relief Society with a young pre missionary gal getting ready to leave.  She did a great job!  Loved talking to all the people before and after church.  We love them so so much.  We also had a training from the General Authorities on video...more on keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Great day! Big week....big month ahead!  Lots of great things coming!  Hong Kong, the kids coming, and our Senior Missionary Conference!  Oh, and then the District RS Conference!  Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Unawatuna beach

Marina, Madeleine, me and mom Anita from Sweden

Marcus, the sick boy!

The Sri Lanka buffet at Cinnamon Grand

The birthday girl, Shanika!

Cooker lady!

All ready to celebrate!

Old antique tool!

Pretty birthday lady!

Sri Lanka music!

Great party

Famous singer from Sri Lanka!

Parrots everywhere!

Sister Pooja's birthday!

Claim to Fame talent contest!  Rowena is the MC!

Tradition of lighting candles to begin program

Richard's baptism!

President Kolitha baptized him!

The elders and Inoka and Naveen with Richard

Don't forget Tania!!