Monday, June 27, 2016

June 26, 2016

Great week once again!  Steve had a little bug for part of it, but we made it through a lot of wonderful things!  First, we received packages from Mom and Dad and also Annie!  I got a new blue outfit that I really like!  Plus lots of fun, fun stuff!  So spoiled!  We began our week by being invited to a huge program in Sri Lanka by Ester, from the branch.  This was the State Awards and is equivalent to the Grammy's in America!  They had music and dancing and lots of awards!  We had the best seats!  The President of Sri Lanka was also in attendance for the first part of the program.  It was all in Sinhala and Tamil and was about 4 hours longs.....!!  But we had a good time with many of the branch members and Ester was thrilled that we came.  She was a part of putting this program together! We were able to visit Darshani and her family one night!  Love that!  We were also able to visit a few families who were struggling with big decisions in their lives.  So humbling to watch these people try to do good things when they aren't sure what to do with their struggles.  Steve gave interviews for our baptisms coming up!  Steve also went with the elders and visited some investigators.  We also did lots of things to get ready for our big District Seminary/Institute activity!  We took Pres Anton and Ann to dinner for his birthday!  It was at THE LAGOON in the Cinnamon Grand.  Very nice!  Saturday was the activity!  We ended up with a great turnout of about 50 people!  So, so happy!  And it was really great!  The kids really enjoyed it and had lots of fun!  Kandy began with a few games.  We then followed with Jeopardy!  They really like that!  It has all the sound effects as the game show on tv has!  They love it!  We had Subway sandwiches for lunch!  Different from the rice packets they usually have!  Then Negombo was in charge of having dramas for the kids.  For some reason, the kids really enjoy that!  They have fun, act crazy and enjoy being together!  So, so happy!  It turned out so great!  We cleaned the church and then headed home!  So, so tired!  Sunday, were the baptisms for Joel and Sanchula!  It was wonderful!  Joel is very happy and is such a great young man!  So impressed with his wonderful testimony!  Steve taught Priesthood and I taught Relief Society and those lessons really went well!  We went home for lunch and then headed to the airport to go to India!  Fun few days ahead saying good bye to the Berretts!

Birthday boxes from Mom/Dad and Annie!!

Sri Lanka "Grammys" Music Awards Night

Sister Ester invited us to be her guests!

Kandyan dancers beginning the program

Here comes the President of Sri Lanka!

Mali, Primali, Sonali, Mathasa

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Waiting for the show to begin!

Opening number!

The President giving out the first awards

Inoka and Naveen

The guy right next to us..won!

Best singer in Sri Lanka...with Inoka and Steffani

Now she is with Shashrika, Mali, and Methasa

Now she is with Sonali and Primali

Sister Ann 

Joel's baptism interview with Dad and Mom

Pres Anton's birthday dinner

District Seminary/YSA activity

waiting for everyone to get here!


Kandy was in charge of the games!



Negombo was in charge of the dramas!!

Joel's family on his baptism day

Childhood friends!

Naveen gave a talk

Sheramy gave the other talk!



Fiona played in sacrament meeting!

Shamindri played in sacrament meeting!

President Kolitha and President Nihal