Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 17, 2016

11 months!  I am really not counting, but wow!  It has gone by so fast!  Our week has been great!  It started off with a package from Matt and Jamie.  We were so excited...because they were excited for us to get it and said we needed to let them know what we thought when it came!  So we went out to the foreign package post office and got the package!  Inside was a book with a big C on it...and then Condie.  It was a shutter fly book full of pictures from all the kids and their families!  I cried!  It was the most special thing!  On the back, there were pictures of us and some wonderful, loving words.  Then I really cried!  You know, you could stay out on your mission for a very long time....if your children and grandchildren lived here with you!  But we are grateful to be here right now at this time!  It is the greatest experience ever!  We were able to visit Darshini and her kids!  Love them!  Took my picture book to show off the family!  Tuesday we had District meeting with the elders and the Bedkes.  Had a nice lunch with them and then headed to Sherines with Katie!  Took my picture book to show off the family again!  Great visit!  Wednesday Steve visited Gayani with the elders.  We taught English at Inokas and had a great visit there.  Then we headed to Shanikas with the elders for a great visit.  They taught Joel!  So happy about that!  We went to Negombo on Thursday morning to support Shanikas press conference!  She is trying to get a new coffee machine and packets sold to hotels around the area!  They took a lot of pictures....and we had to make sure that we told them not to put them in the papers....I can just see it now.....Mormon missionaries launch new coffee line!!!!  Oh my!  We ran a lot of errands and then I taught piano and then we taught our English class!  Had a lot of fun doing that!  Friday brought a visit to Brother Errols home.  His wife is not a member.  He wanted to feed us lunch.  It was a wonderful visit!  And lunch was great!  They had their neighbor come over and we visited with her!  They all wanted blessings!  So Steve gave them all a blessing and it was very nice.  Felt the Spirit very strong there!  We went to the Jeffrys in the evening.  We enjoyed that very much.  They have 3 wonderful, good sons.  We love these Sri Lankans!  Saturday, we had a Relief Society activity!  There were about 16 ladies that came.  It was really fun.  Had a white elephant gift exchange, class on unity, one on facials....and a wonderful lunch!  Such fun ladies!  Today was a really great Sunday!  Steve gave a great talk on missionary work.  Rowena and Harold gave talks also and they were all really great talks!  Sheramy came today and stayed for all 3 meetings!  She really enjoyed it.  I met with Shehara and gave her all the seminary stuff.  We then drove to Negombo and met with Nishadi and gave her all the seminary stuff!  Fun visiting with her and all the Negombo guys!  We had a delicious dinner at the Bedkes and then brought them back with us to Colombo!  We are off on a safari tomorrow to Yala with the elders too!  Going to be such fun!  Life is good!  Sri Lanka is great!
The coffee press conference!

Kumar and Shanika!

That is juice....I promise!

Package from home!! 

Errol and his sweet wife!

Yoga joined us from next door!

Sugar canes around the door for Pongal!

The Jeffry boys!

Relief Society activity!

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