Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!  So happy to say that this week has been better for Steve!  He is feeling much better!  He had 3 more days to be "grounded" before we saw the doctor.  We stayed in the apartment, where I was able to get more paperwork and computer work done!  Pres Anton and Ann brought some dinner on Monday!  Rohan and his family came by on Tuesday so we ordered some pizza for them!  Wednesday finally came!  We went to the hospital to get the blood work done and then headed back home to wait for the results.  Later that day, we went back to see the doctor.  Steves blood levels were perfect!  The doctor said for him to resume exercise at about 50% for another few weeks and slowly get back to normal depending on his strength.  He is so happy to be out of bed and being able to leave the apartment!  Thursday, I taught some lessons and we had our English class.  Everyone was happy to see Steve!  He has walked each morning for a shorter amount of time and not as hard as usual.  He is happy to do that but gets a little tired still.  I taught piano classes on Friday!  We decided to have an early Valentines dinner at TAO in the Cinnamon Grand hotel.  The Hendriksens came with us!  It turned out to be a very yummy dinner and we had a wonderful time!  Saturday we headed past Negombo for our evening with Ex-elder Perera and his parents!  We have been trying to make this connection for a long time!  It took us a few hours to get there!  It was very nice to be with him and his family!  He showed us pictures and videos and we had a very nice dinner.  His parents do not speak English but we enjoyed ourself very much.  It was a long journey back home, and by the time we got there, Steve was feeling it!  We were supposed to go to Kandy on Sunday for their branch conference.  He felt like he couldn't take the long journey.  So I got up super early and headed to Kandy on a nice bus with 14 other district leaders and their families.  It was a nice drive with one stop half way!  This tiny little branch had 115 people to church!  They were getting only 15 a few months ago!  What a wonderful blessing it was to be there!  I played the piano for sacrament meeting!  Then Pres Kolitha asked if I would teach a gospel essentials class to 2 new people that were there for the first time!  I had to get a translator so of course I chose Sulakshana (the mission leader and our YSA guy) to help me!  It was really great! He and Kasun (a recent convert) helped me teach these ladies!  We gave them a Book of Mormon and a cookie!  I was supposed to teach Relief Society since the district visitors teach all the lessons that day.  Primali translated for me and it went really well!  I made sugar cookies for everyone!  Really great day.  They had rice packets for everyone after church so we went to go get them.  Pres Kumara from Kandy stopped me and said Pres Kolitaha (our district president) told them to get me something I got a sub sandwich from Dinemore!  That was so nice....but the funny was pretty darn spicy!!!  We had another meeting for all the leadership on keeping the sabbath day videos with the Apostles and the Auxiliary leaders of the church.  It was nice.  Then we took pictures and visited a little with everyone before getting back into the bus for the journey home!  We made it to Kandy in 3 1/4 hours with stops but made it back home in 5 hours with stops!  But it was still worth going!  Love the people in Kandy and all the district leadership I rode the bus with!  Steve went to church back home and had a good day.  They all sure missed him.  Everyone in Kandy missed him too!  He had dinner with the Hendriksens and then came home about the same time as me!  So glad he is doing better!  We feel very grateful for all the concern and prayers in our behalf.  Getting stronger every day!!!

The Scheiss twins sent Steve a Christmas present!!

Valentines dinner at TAO in the Cinnamon Grand with the Hendriksens

Ex-Elder Perera and his parents and grandmother...and Kumar, our driver!!

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