Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016

Curt and Erin are here!!!!  We are so happy and excited for the week!  Wonderful, wonderful week!!  We are really feeing the reality of such a little time left on this mission.  It is very strange.  I taught my last week of piano classes this week.  Trying to get everyone ready for the big recital on Saturday!  We went to the General Hospital this week for Steve to give a blessing to Nilukas brothers wife from Chilaw.  She has been in the hospital for weeks and they have not been able to figure out what is wrong with her.  They are thinking now it might be lupus.  She just looks miserable.  I hope they can begin to help her if they know what it is.  Naveen and Inoka invited us to a dinner one evening.  They really wanted to take us out!  We went to Lani's....right on the beach.  It was a nice evening out and we had a great time.  They invited Mali and her kids to come too!  I have been a little bit nervous lately about getting everything done on the computer.  The end of the semester for seminary, starting the new semester, getting all the finances together....just a bunch of things.  So....Steve gave me a great gift!  We were needing to go to Kandy with the Elders to get their new apartment set up and Steve needing to do a baptism interview.  He thought it would be a good idea if he went without me with the elders and I could stay home and work on the computer.  It was perfect!  He was able to do the interview, buy everything for the apartment, and also visit some members that we have been wanting to visit for awhile!  I was able to get all the computer work done!  And it took me a long time!!  But I had the time to do it so it was great!  Friday was a busy day!  Shehara came over to get some help with her BYU-Hawaii application.  Then, Sister Ajantha and her family wanted us to come to their new house and give a blessing.  She made a wonderful meal for us and the elders.  It was great being with them!  We went straight to the Hagobians to visit with them!  Radi made a great meal as well.  And then.....she and her mother brought down some gift boxes and wanted me to open them!  Radi's mom gave me a beautiful silver bracelet that she made.  Then Radi snuk a box into my ice cream bowl!  It had a beautiful ring inside.  Oh my!  I got very emotional.  We are going to miss these people so much.  We came home and slept a few hours before heading to the airport to get Curt!  He made it!  And we were so so excited and happy to have them!  It was the day of my piano recital and I was nervous!  I had 19 people coming to take part!  I was hoping to start on time (which is not normal for Sri Lanka)!  But I was pleasantly surprised when everyone was pretty close!  Sandi did not show up but everyone else did!  They were all so nervous!  But I was so so proud of them all!  They did such a great job!  They stood up and introduced themselves and then played their songs.  They were wonderful!  I gave everyone of them a hymnbook that I had written in for them.  Hopefully, many of them will continue playing!  We brought ice cream and cones for everyone afterwards!  Wonderful evening!  We came home and fixed Curt and Erin a chicken dinner...which they were fighting so hard to stay awake for!  But they did it!  We all went to bed early!  This time difference is so hard!!  Sunday was another wonderful day!  They asked Curt to give a little talk a few minutes before the meeting!  I was so proud of him!  He did a wonderful job.  They asked Steve to talk a little before that!  And his talk was amazing.  He hates being so emotional but he just can't help it.  Everyone loves his talks because he speaks from his heart and by the Spirit.  Everyone was so great to Curt and Erin!  So friendly and they always are!  They really enjoyed our meetings!  Lots of visiting after and enjoying the wonderful members!  They are the BEST!  We had a great pork dinner for lunch and then Curt and Erin have been sleeping some more!  We tried to wake Curt but it just is not happening!  We are off to our wonderful adventure tomorrow!  Many kilometers to travel but lots of fun ahead!

View outside the General Hospital

Dinner at Lani's on the beach

Bending spoons!!

Chandrani's baptism interview

The Elders new apartment in Kandy

Cool fiscus tree in Kandy

Planting rice!

Services this salon offers!!   hahahaha

Furnishing the Kandy apartment

Rebecca at work!

New family to teach!

Sanjeewa Perera and family investigating in Kandy

Selfie time!


Ajantha's new home!

Sanjith is building his home!

I love Thilakshi!

Old time weaving machines

Kavishka wants us to know who's house this is!


Surprises from Radi and her mom!

Beautiful ring and bracelet! 

I am going to miss these ladies!!

Curt and Erin are here!!

They brought gifts for the Hagobians from his parents!

Congratulations piano players!

















Wang Ying

They wanted me to play!

Hymnbooks for everyone!

My piano students!!

Fun at church!

Shehan visiting!

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