Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

I love my Monday mornings and visiting with my kids! It really seems to come quickly each week. I love to look at their ouwies, their creative projects, their silly faces as they see themselves on the screen, love their stories...everything about my kids and grandkids are the best! We did some financial stuff this week at the bank for Sri Lanka. We decided that our Monday class of seminary was going to be a party! We didn't tell the family though! It was Sister Darshini's birthday a few days before. We teach her kids. Her husband isn't in the picture anymore and we felt she needed some love! It was really fun. Her favorite place to eat is McDonalds...and believe it or not...they deliver here! I made brownies and had candles and a gift. We had a lot of fun that night and she was so happy! We love that family! They are coming to church each week now and it just warms my heart! Actually, this was Steve's inspiration. I wish I could be as inspired as he is. The next day, as we were walking, he mentioned that maybe I should contact the seminary teacher in Negombo and see if I could take her to lunch. He was going to be gone that day. So I called her. She comes to Colombo for work. She said I was inspired as she was coming earlier than normal for an appointment and that it had fallen through. She really wanted to visit. She hasn't been teaching the last few weeks and has quit coming to church too. It was Steve with the inspiration. I met her and we visited for a few hours and had lunch before she had to go to work. She is such a wonderful gal! I hope she gets things figured out the right direction!! I happened to get into a trishaw to take me back home where the driver was a young 21 year old. It was scary because he was totally inappropriate. I had him stop way before our home and went into a store to wait for him to leave. Made me nervous that's for sure. But made it home safe after that! Steve went with the Elders to Negombo. Elder Perera's uncle died. He was only in his 40's. It was a long hot day for them. They actually keep the body in the home. It looks like they are laying on a bed....but it is actually the casket where the sides and end fold up and over the body! The women are wailing and crying the whole time....and they faint. The Elders would have to go pick them up and set them down somewhere. They would then start it all over again. The undertaker gave a speech at one point basically telling them that the reason he died so young is because of the bad things he did in a previous life. They finally took the body out of the house and took it to the church where the Priest put holy water on it. Then to the cemetery where they lowered the body down and covered it up. More wailing. Tough day for Elder Perera. His parents were there and many relatives. We visited a new investigator, Zeeniya. She is awesome! She is really creative and sweet and is very interested in the gospel! It was great watching the elders and being part of her teaching! We also went back a few days later. She is just loving everything she is being taught. She is a Muslim but has never really practiced. We taught Stephanie and her dad again! We also went with the Elders to teach a recent convert. She has a very crazy son! Steve kept him happy by reading a book and then letting him take his phone and look at the pictures....and then take pictures! Our English class had about 25 people this week. Makes it crazy! But the people are really great. Lots of moms with their kids. I have added more piano students. I am now teaching 14 students. Elder Funk told me what a great thing that is to there are not many who play. The people are actually doing very well. It is fun to see them eager to learn! We visited Bro Jeffry and his family. They are a great, active family. Enjoyed the visit! We also thought we saw a TGI Fridays in our travels. So we went back on Saturday night and sure enough...there it was! It was really good! We beat the rush so it was nice and relaxing! Today was Fast Sunday. Another great meeting. There were 7 investigators today! Half of them have baptism dates! We love Sundays....visiting with everyone before and after the block. Steve had a meeting with the District Presidency and I had a RS meeting so we were there late. We had Pres Nihal and his family over for dinner as well as the missionaries later on. Great day! Steve is already asleep! I get to have another Monday in about an hour and talk to the kids again a few hours after that! Yipeee!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Sister Darshini

She wanted McDonalds!

Lunch with Sister Nishadi

He's still got it....!

Really shocks the elders!

Zeeniya-a wonderful investigator!

Talented lady!

Mangosteen-before cutting into it

This is the inside!

It is delicious!!!!

Beautiful sunset!


The feast of St Anthony celebration

Sister Madhiwadhini gave me a bird

Her very active son...Freddie

Freddie is taking selfies

Nano car we ride in to our appointments

Steve can calm him

Is that a TGIF?

It is!!!

Ok, lets go eat there!


Elder Perera's uncles funeral

Elder Perera's father, sister and her daughter

Massey Ferguson tractor with 10 people on it!

Funeral procession    

And another

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