Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

My husband is melting. The heat is really affecting him these past few weeks. It isn't that it is hotter than usual...I think it is very humid right now....but it is just hitting him pretty good! I hope he can make it for the next several months! The monsoon season is upon us and it is supposed to rain a lot. We shall see!!!
What a great week we have had. Our seminary classes were great this week. Great kids!! We were invited to have lunch at one of the less active families' home! The oldest daughter was turning 25 and she wanted us to come. Her mother is a wonderful cook! The parents do not speak English. But they love us to come with the Elders. The family was baptized several years ago but are now attending another church...where the middle daughter is a youth minister. They quit coming to our church when they consolidated the branches and got rid of the Sinhalese speaking branch. You know, it really would be hard to sit in a meeting for 3 hours when you do not know what anyone is saying. The meal was very good and we enjoyed visiting with them. Later that evening, we were invited to another home for dinner with Nihal and Eashani and their family. It is interesting how the meal didn't vary much from lunch. They really eat the same things in all the homes...for all the meals! Fun evening! They were just sealed in the temple in Salt Lake in April. They are so happy because they saved for 19 years to make it happen! We really enjoyed our evening with them! Steve spent time with the Elders visiting while I finished a lot of financial mission things as well as the forms for seminary. That stuff is not hard but takes so much time! I really don't mind doing it. But it is nice to get it done for a minute! Thursday we visited Inoka and her family. We are teaching her daughter. We had our English class that evening. Our students are a lot of fun. We lose some and we gain some. Each week is a new experience! Our weekend was really the greatest! We had the Mission President Pres Berrett and his wife here as well as Elder Randy Funk and his wife. Elder Funk is a general authority serving in the Seventy. He is assigned to be the President of the Asia area. They are on a mission tour for 10 days and are starting here in Sri Lanka.  Elder Funk reminded me so much of my Grandpa Crebs.  Maybe that is why I felt an instant connection to him!  So we basically had a district meeting where the mission president and a general authority came! Elder Funk doesn't think that has ever happened! There were the 4 elders and Steve and I! What a powerful day we had with them! They are wonderful teachers and motivators. Elder Funk interviewed each of us! He was so personable and loving. It was such a blessing to be there with him! After the meeting, they took us all to Burger King for dinner! Fun treat! Saturday was the beginning of District conference. We are getting a new District Presidency! There have been interviews and calls that have been extended. The first session was held in the afternoon from 3-5. It was piped into the other buildings of the district. We had a little RS choir that we put together right before the meeting! The meeting was joined by another wonderful man, Elder William. He is an area authority seventy. He is the first person from India to be called and was sustained in the last general conference. What wonderful and powerful talks and lessons we learned that day. Sunday was the main session in Negombo. They had a bus to take everyone from Colombo to Negombo. They also had a bus from Kandy. We were lucky enough to be able to travel with The Funks, the Berretts, Elder William and Pres Anton and Ann in A/C in a van!! We got there before the busses and were able to meet all the people as they came in from all the branches. It was really great. We just love these people so much! They released Pres Anton and called Pres Kolitha ((our current branch president) to be the new District President. Bro Nihal is a counselor and also Bro Thomas from Negombo. There were testimonies bourne by the old and new people. Then fabulous talks by all the leaders. Such powerful men and women! There was a Priesthood leadership meeting later. Steve had to speak in that meeting. I am sure it was really great!! During that time, we had an Auxillary training with all the District Presidencies....with Sister Berrett and Sister Funk.. It was excellent as well. We just felt the spirit so strong this whole weekend. We loaded the Funks and Berretts and Elder William into the van and took them to the airport. We then went back to the church and picked up different members to bring them home. It was a great ride! We sure belong to a wonderful church. I am so grateful for my testimony and the great love that I have for my Savior. Steve and I are so very blessed here in this great country!

Happy Birthday Maheshika!

The whole family!

Happy Birthday Shamindri!

Seminary day!!

District Conference with Elder & Sister Funk and Pres & Sister Berrett

The Condies with Elder and Sister Funk

Elder Robert William from India

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