Monday, September 21, 2015

September 20, 2015

We have now hit our 7 month mark.  What?  How did that happen?  Time is flying by.  We pretty much have a schedule that we follow now for some of our days!  We visit certain families each week and then see new ones in between!  It is wonderful watching the gospel in action.  Watching testimonies develop and grow.  Watching members care and love each other.  What a blessing to be on a mission!  Our week was full of wonderful people...finished off with a wonderful Sunday with the members and friends!  We taught seminary, taught our English and piano classes, had our district meeting and talked to the kids.  But we also visited favorite little man who is suffering with throat cancer...and trying to be brave!  He loves to hear the piano and I enjoy being able to play! He told me he wishes he could dance with me again!  He is getting more frail but always smiles and has a wonderful sense of humor.  We visited Sister Gnana and had a great breakfast she prepared.  We visited Gayani...where she and her husband are anxious to learn the gospel.  We visited Naveen and watched as he yearns to learn more about the gospel....and applies all that he learns to his every day life....and then shares his testimony and love for the gospel with everyone he knows....and he isn't even a member.  We watched Sister Katherine and her sisters....and the great example she is of being a member missionary.  We were able to visit Chilaw after not being there for the last 4 weeks.  They are so grateful when we come.  It is quite far but we enjoy being with them.  We were able to visit a family in Negombo on the way home with the Negombo elders.  She fixed a nice dinner and we played her sons favorite game, Skipbo....which I came out victorious in!  Sunday was amazing!  Our talks in church were really good!  The Gospel Principles class was so big they had to teach it in the chapel.  They had a great lesson that Harsha (one of our recent baptisms) taught and had people enjoying being in our church!  Gospel Doctrine, taught by Brother Jeffry, was a great lesson on marriage and the sacrament.  Sister Eashani gave a fabulous lesson in Relief Society!  Lots of people stayed after church just to visit!  We found out that our second counselor in the branch presidencies, wife, wants to be baptized!  She is the funnest gal!  So exciting!  In the evening, we went to Wattala to celebrate Sheramy's birthday!  She turned 20 and they wanted us to come and celebrate.  Great dinner and fun people!  Sharing the first piece of cake is something that touches my heart....that she would want Steve and I to be the ones....with her share with her.  As we came home that night, we had the news that Erin was in labor and in the hospital to have her baby!  We got to face time them as they were getting her all situated!  The baby had been that he wasn't breach anymore....but he was stubborn....and was also facing the wrong way...face up!  Erin tried to push but he would not they did a csection.  But she is a trooper and little Jack was born at 11:38 pm!  He is beautiful and sweet and perfect....right straight from Heavenly Father!  A miracle for sure!  We love him already.

The Sri Lanka police in the city!

Our favorite...Kingsley!

English class at Inoka's!

Some of our English students in Colombo!

Don't take a picture of the guards at the Presidents home!

Sheramy's birthday!

Mom gets the first bite!

Dad gets the next!

Messing around with all the guys!

Where is Elder Condie?

Found Elder Condie in the blurry picture!

The Sri Lanka birthday spread!

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