Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015

Where did September go?  Can't believe how fast time flies!  We have been so excited over little Jack that was born to Curt and Erin.  I even added a picture this week!  Sure love my family!  They are the best!  For Family Home Evening this week, we decided to have the elders over and all the young men  who went on splits with them or helped them out!  So we had quite the crew of guys over for dinner!  It was really a fun night!  Such wonderful missionaries and future missionaries!  We taught 3 more lessons to the elders from THE PLAN this week....the new missionary program to help the elders adjust to life at home.  They are great lessons.  We will give the final one on Tuesday at their last district meeting.  It is about dating and marriage.  They are both scared and giddy about that lesson!  So funny to watch them!  We had wonderful seminary classes with our favorite seminary kids!  We had pizza for Julia to celebrate her 18th birthday!  She is getting baptized on October 24th!  So excited for her!  We teach this class in Sister Darshini's salon!  While we were there, Darshini decided to wash my hair and try some new shampoo.  She gave me a great massage too!  She is going to cut my hair this week!  We celebrated Sheramy's birthday again...but this time from Steve and I and the elders!  We brought them McDonalds because she loves it!  Once again, Steve was thrilled to eat the "rubber chicken"!  The rest of us loved our Big Macs!  The elders taught Joel and he is really attentive and asks questions!  Shanika treats us so nice...we just love them all!  Hopefully, she will want to come back to church soon!  Visited Inoka's family and Pooja this week too!  Our English class was great!  It was Jinuka's of our students.  His parents own a catering business so they brought Biriyani for everyone....and a chocolate cake!  What a treat that was! Steve spent a day with the elders while I taught piano and got caught up with the finances!  They visited 3 families who are enjoying the lessons and feeling the Spirit!  They all want to get baptized!  Wow!  Such wonderful families here in Sri Lanka!  Saturday was our missionary fireside.  The problem was that it rained all night long and all morning long and their was flooding everywhere!  So the turnout they expected didn't happen....and yet we still had about 50 people so we felt really good about that.  The branch mission leader and the 4 elders planned it!  They showed mormon ads while people were coming and then talked to the people about coming up with names of people they could teach.  They first asked Steve to give a prayer asking for the people to be able to know of some people that we could contact.  It was really a special thing.  One member said she wasn't going to put anything on the paper because she already told everyone she knew....until after the prayer was given....and she thought of someone!  We were going to go out to the Air Force Museum with President Nihal and his family.  We started towards the museum when he called and said it had flooded and we would not be able to get there!  So we turned around and came back!  They had already prepared dinner so they came to our house!  There was a separate entrance for the Air Force people so they could get out and go around the flooding!  We had a really nice evening with Pres Nihal, Eashani, Andrew and Joel!  The food was great and then I had made brownies with frosting!  Visited and laughed and had fun with them!  Sunday was great of course!  Great talks in sacrament as well as final testimonies from the elders.  The other classes were great and we are getting such a wonderful turn out to the meetings!  We were supposed to have dinner for Hansani, her brother and parents who are investigating...and Brother Lyle who is a member...but he got sick so they all went home!  Sad about that!  So after branch council, we headed over to the Hendricksons....the new American couple and their 4 kids....who work at the Embassy and had some soup and visited.  She home schools her children.  It was a nice visit!  Hurried home for the elders to come for our "last supper"!  Doesn't seem real!  We heard that there are 2 elders coming on Friday or Saturday that have been serving in the Philippines, who are native Sri Lankans!  2 is better than nothing!  Hopefully that will all come together soon!  It is going to be a sad see these great young men go "home".   Excited for Conference this weekend....although we won't get it until the week after!  Love our mission!

Random photos at Sherines!



Pizza for Julia's birthday!  Me, Cassie, Julia and Deyan

Loving the head massage!

Then they got silly!!

So lets wash your hair!!!

Happy Birthday Jinuka!!

The dinner was fabulous!

Now this is the way to cut onions!  Stephanie and Inoka

Elder Wijendran teaching Naveen

Missionary fireside

Sweet little Jack!  Love him already!!

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